A Discussion with Donald Solow, President of Vista Life & Casualty Reinsurance Company

I was a math major in college, and a number of my family members were working in the insurance industry.  They had heard about actuaries and advised me to look into the profession.  So, I decided to sit for the first actuarial exam (there were ten at the time), which covered calculus and passed it.

Thoughts On Establishing Positive Lifestyle Habits and Building A Successful Career

A number of years ago, when I established a business, I began to work from a home office, rather than commuting into New York City.  This was a major lifestyle change. I was saving three hours a day by not commuting. I was able to put this time into growing the business, connecting with prospects and so forth, but in addition …

The Difficulties Businesses are Facing During the Current Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the economy, especially for businesses. Small and medium sized businesses especially are struggling to adapt to their new reality.

How Insurance Companies are Handling the Current Pandemic

Given that a global pandemic was once voted the highest risk situation for insurance companies, it isn’t surprising that the COVID-19 outbreak has thrown the insurance industry for a loop. 

What You Can Do to Keep Yourself Busy and Keep Mentally Healthy While on Lockdown

Starting to go a little insane while in lockdown? Luckily, there are plenty of activities you can do to not only keep busy, but also stay mentally healthy during this trying time.

Hello and Welcome!: Medium Introduction

My name is Donald Solow and I am an FSA and MAAA located in Madison, Jersey. I am also the President of Vista Life & Casualty Reinsurance Company. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from New York University’s School of Engineering in 1988. 

Establishing Positive Lifestyle Habits and Building a Successful Career

With over 20 years of experience in reinsurance, Don is the president of Vista Life & Casualty Reinsurance Company. In his interview, Don said that he was able to establish a positive work-life balance early on by opting to work from home when establishing his business …

Donald Solow Speaks to Establishing Positive Lifestyle Habits

Donald Solow was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Thrive Global, a publication that aims to help those struggling with maintaining a positive work-life balance. In the interview, Don highlighted positive lifestyle habits that allow him to be successful both …

How Actuaries are Looking at COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting many people around the world in one way or another. The pandemic has put many parts of the world on “pause” and people are constantly scouring the news headlines for the latest numbers. The pandemic has also caused a strain on the workforce and there are implications for every industry.

Establishing Positive Lifestyle Habits and Building A Successful Career

“If they are starting a first job, I’d say this: be humble and understand that, although you may have a lot of book knowledge, you probably have little experience in business. Therefore, make every effort to understand why the business operates the way it does, before you …

On the Potential Accounting Problems Associated with DM Vendor “Extended PaymentPlans”

A disease management (“DM”) services contract between a health plan and a DM vendorrequires that the vendor perform certain services on behalf of the health plan, in exchangefor compensation.

Considerations in the Evaluation of Actual-to-Expected Underwriting Ratios

Donald Solow’s presentation at the 9th Annual Life Settlement Institutional Investor Conference (2019) in New York City.

What Do Actuaries Do? Donald Solow Explains

What is an actuary? What do actuaries do? How can an actuary help me? These are questions that many people have. Donald Solow is the President of Vista Life & Casualty Reinsurance Company located in Madison, New Jersey.

How To Adapt Your Business During A Recession

Running a business during challenging economic times — such as the current COVID-19 reality — is all about flexibility. The U.S. is now officially in a recession and adapting your business model to the current climate may seem like a daunting task. However, with proper …